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April 22, 2022, Erika Jansson Cavaletti Clinic

Cavaletti is a wonderful way to give your horse a body pump workout, flex the joints, build better trust and respect. Experience Erika’s teaching style in a fun group environment. $65 per rider for a 45-minute group session. To secure your spot, Venmo Natalie, @Natalie-Brady-12, by April 5 and also let her know your scheduling needs. Learn more about the benefits of cavaletti on Erika’s website,

May 8, 2022, Horsemanship Class, 2-4 p.m.

NOTE: No horsemanship class is scheduled for April. Instead, horsemanship will take place on May 8 and focus on show preparation. Especially recommended for clients entered in the May 15 at-home schooling show. $40 per participant. Sign up online using Venmo. Note “May 8 Horsemanship” on the transaction. (Last four digits of Natalie’s phone: 1119.) Thank you!

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