Discovering your power … slaying the resistance in your life.

Natalie Brady at Jedi's shoulder

How do I become the best version of myself?  How do I discover all that God meant for me to be?  I am certain that God wants us all to walk on water but we have to get out of the comfort of our boat! Resistance is the villain in my life. Resistance is that sluggish feeling of not wanting to do something that you know is good for you. It is the inclination to do something that you absolutely know is NOT good for you.  It is the desire and tendency to delay something you should be doing right now.  Every day is filled with these moments.  You have to break through resistance to accomplish your goals.
What stops me from getting what I want and from being that person, the hero of my story! I need to first be aware of the resistance in my life and then I can learn to slay it!   I am on this exciting new path of discovery and I am finding ways to quantify it.  One thing is for certain, resistance is a daily battle. So I must have daily practices to strengthen my will and my commitment to defeating it!  Since I am quite sure I am not the only one suffering these hardships I thought maybe I could share my journey.

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