2022 Calendar

How to Enter a United States Eventing Association (USEA) Event

Once you’ve chosen an event, please be alert to when it’s time to send in your entry!

  • Opening date: The Tuesday six weeks before the competition. This is the earliest you can send in your entry.
  • Closing date: The Tuesday four weeks after opening day. This is the final day you can enter the event (two weeks before the event date).

To enter online, create a USEA Online Services Account at services.useventing.com (click “New User”) if you don’t have one already. Creating an account is free! Then you’ll have access to Xentry, “Express Entry,” the online entry system. (With the exception of competing at the Introductory level, competitors are required to become a USEA member to compete.)

Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you’ll click on Xentry at the top of the screen to see a list of shows open for entry. California is in the USEA’s Area VI, so select that at the top of the list and click “refresh list.” You will then see shows open for entry.

United States Eventing Association

Sacramento Area Hunter/Jumper Association (SAHJA) Schooling Shows

Kismet Farms, Martinez

Dressage Shows, Woodland Stallion Station

California Dressage Society

United States Dressage Federation

Feb 18-20Ram Tap Horse Trials, Fresno, CA
Feb 20 – Horsemanship Class, 2-4 p.m., Valley Dressage. Sign up online.
Feb 27 – Painting Party, 4:30 p.m., location TBA. We’ve signed up with Creatively Carrie to paint one of the Four Star Farm horses! $28/person, all supplies included.

April 7-10 – Brookside Premier Week Hunter/Jumper Show, Brookside Equestrian, Elk Grove
April 14-17Twin Rivers Spring Horse Trials, Paso Robles, CA
April 22Erika Jansson Cavaletti Clinic at Valley Dressage. Space is limited. $90 includes fee for using a Four Star Farm horse, $65 on your own or leased FSF horse. Sign up at the barn.

May 8 – Horsemanship, 2-4 p.m. This class is focused on preparing to show. Venmo Natalie to sign up, @Natalie-Brady-12. $40 per participant. (No horsemanship class in April.)

May 14Woodland Stallion Station USEA One-Day Horse Trials, Woodland

May 15 – Spring Four Star Farm Schooling Show at Valley Dressage. This at-home schooling show is for FSF riders. Entries are open!

May 27-29Christiane Noelting Dressage Derby Show, Vacaville

June 8-12 – Let’s Show Beach Party Hunter/Jumper, Brookside Equestrian, Elk Grove
June 20-24 – FSF Beginner/Intermediate Horse Camp
June 24 – Christiane Noelting Dressage Derby Show, Vacaville
June 30-July 3Twin Rivers USEA Horse Trials, Paso Robles

July 11-15FSF Beginner/Intermediate Horse Camp
July 20-24 – The Event at Rebecca Farm, Kalispell, MT
July 24Summer FSF Schooling Show

August 1-5FSF Beginner/Intermediate Horse Camp
Aug 12-14 – Woodside Summer USEA Horse Trials

Sept 3 – Woodland Stallion Station USEA One-Day Horse Trials
Sept 14-18 – Strides and Tides Hunter/Jumper, Murieta Equestrian, Rancho Murieta
Sept 22-25 – Twin Rivers USEA Horse Trials, Paso Robles

Oct 2 – Fall FSF Schooling Show
Oct 6-9 – Woodside International Horse Trials
Oct 21-23 – Ram Tap USEA Horse Trial