Four Star Farm Schooling Shows 2024

June 30 and September 29

Entries for the June 30 schooling show open May 13 and close June 15. The entry form is below. Thank you for entering!

Four Star Farm Schooling Shows are held on-site at Valley Dressage. These shows give riders the opportunity to experience competition in a familiar, relaxed and encouraging environment. Riders may enter a dressage test only or a combined test, which is a dressage test and show jumping round.

For those riding Four Star Farm horses, assignments will depend on the clients who enter. Prior to entering, please consult with your instructor about whether your rider is ready and which class or classes they should enter. Natalie will review and approve entries to ensure everyone’s success!

Entry fees include the per-class coaching fee(s). For these shows, the Four Star Farm horse-use fee is waived. Thank you for participating!

Dressage judge: Colleen Reid


While attire for schooling shows is more casual than for rated shows, please wear a polo shirt or shirt with a collar. Light-colored breeches are recommended. Thank you!

Dressage Tests

Combined Test Divisions

These classes consist of a dressage test and show jumping round. (For beginners, we offer a course with poles only on the ground.) The final score is the dressage test score and show jumping score combined.