Trakehner Gala – Neumuenster, Germany

The three-year-old stallion Stoertebeker won the Trakehner Free-jumping Cup with superiority. (Photo: Stefan Lafrentz)
The three-year-old stallion Stoertebeker won the 2017 Trakehner Free-jumping Cup with superiority. (Photo: Stefan Lafrentz)

Join us for an equine extravaganza!

Natalie has regularly traveled to Germany for the Trakehner gala and stallion approval. Once international travel is again safe and comfortable, she will plan an October trip. You’ll immerse yourself in the world of Trakehners and learn about every aspect of the breed and all it has to offer or simply take in gorgeous horses.

Says Natalie, “Every year I learn more about the breed I so dearly love! The trip is a magical experience and year after year, I am always impressed with the horses. I enjoy meeting the owners and breeders of the stallions (and mares!) that we all covet in our own horses’ pedigrees. The trip to Germany includes visiting stud farms and international networking. My Facebook contacts are filled with friends I have made on these trips! If you love Trakehners or just enjoy equestrian travel and watching beautiful horses, join me. I can’t emphasize enough what a fun, enriching experience it is. And all the better if you find a horse that steals your heart. Guaranteed to make lasting memories.”

This event is a perfect place to learn more about this very special breed. It is also an ideal place to purchase a competition horse, a premium broodmare or buy an unapproved stallion (guaranteed to be a spectacular gelding) for a great price!

Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity to combine equestrian travel, education, vacation and spectacular horses. You won’t be disappointed. The horses are breathtaking.

Natalie acts as chauffeur and tour guide on this incredible adventure!

Proposed Itinerary

  • Day One
    • Travel Day
  • Day Two
    • Visit farms, including where Blue Hors Silvermoon is standing
  • Day Three
    • Presentation of stallion candidates on the hard surface
    • Presentation of riding horses and auction mares
  • Day Four
    • Free jumping of the stallion candidates
    • Presentation of riding horses
    • Triangle presentation
  • Day Five
    • Stallion candidates at liberty
    • Presentation of auction mares and foals
    • Selection of Supreme Champion mare
    • Auction of riding horses and mares and foals
    • Grading of the stallions
    • Evening Gala Event (not to be missed!)
  • Day Six
    • Comments on stallions, Champion and Premium awards
    • Auction of graded stallions and colts and foal raffle
  • Day Seven
    • Travel Day

Estimated Costs (emphasis on estimated)

  • Airline ticket: approximately $1200 (sometimes as low as $900)
  • Hotel: approximately $75/night for single, $110/night for double (price is approximate and based on euro exchange rate).
  • Holstenhalle tickets: 90 euros, includes all activities and the Gala (price is approximate until tickets are released)
  • Expenses and shopping: ????, approximately $300-$1,000 depending on your inclination!
  • Purchase of horse – 10 percent commission on any horses purchased. No pressure to purchase a horse, spectators only welcome!
  • $300.00 planning fee per participant.